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the post-war novella, Animal Farm, Orwell uses allegory to tell a powerful story. The allegorical text was written by George Orwell in 1943 and alludes to the Bolshevik revolution (perhaps better known as Red October or the October Revolution) of the early 20th century. 
The story takes place on a farm in the English countryside and the characters are various farm animals. Their irresponsible owner and observers of their anarchic revolt against humanity. These characters symbolize historical figures whose failed political regime - brought on by great political reform and popular support- resulted in some of the most inexcusable abuses to human rights in history. 
The story mainly focuses on the distortion of the early communist ideals that were conceived by Karl Marx (one of the most influential pre-revolution socialist thinkers) by leaders such as Lenin and Joseph Stalin. These leaders were said to have perverted Communism from its Marxist origins through hypocritical legislature. Joseph Stalin was conceivably the worst culprit in doing this and George Orwell despised him for it.
George Orwell manages to tell a powerful and most thought-provoking story using allegory to emphasise the importance of the events that he is recounting but also to make the narrative more interesting for the reader.

In Animal Farm, George Orwell criticizes Joseph Stalin’s poor leadership, hypocritical and brutal nature, the failure of the revolution and the lack of uprising from the Russian people at the time.
Orwell also criticises Churchill and Roosevelt for meeting with Stalin in Tehran to plan the overthrow of Nazi Germany. Orwell strongly hated the fact that Stalin was held in such high esteem across most of intellectual Britain and other parts of the western world at the time.

Orwell presents these various criticisms through an allegorical narrative depicting pre-Communist Russia

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