Animal Farm Essay

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Boxer the horse would always say, “I will work harder and Napoleon is always right.” In Animal Farm by George Orwell, the animals of Manor Farm revolt against their owner Mr Jones and create their own form of government. They create their own commandments and follow the principle that every animal is equal, but as time progress, the pigs that are the wisest animals on the farm begin to misuse their power which inevitably creates a unitary system. In Animal Farm, Orwell uses of allegory demonstrates why government systems fail when there is inequality among the social classes because power cannot be contained to one class. Orwell used the pigs such as Napoleon and Snowball to represent the birth of the communist party. When the story begins, the wisest and oldest pig Old Major talks about a day when all the animals will revolt and will be free. Orwell uses the Old Major to represent the father of communisism, Vladimir Ilych Lenin. After the animals revolt against Mr Jones, the pigs realize that they are the brains of the farm and should be entitled more than the rest of the other animals. As this progress, Napoleon and Snowball become more and more like dictators instead of leaders. Napoleon’s character symbolizes power and strength, similar to the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Opposite to Napoleon, Snowball’s character symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, and passionate. He also represents the Soviet leader Leon Trotsky. Power could never be shared by two leaders so Napoleon had Snowball banished, just like Stalin expelled Trotsky from the Soviet Union. Dividing power was like dividing a country and power craving leaders could never give that power up. Napoleons main flaw was not giving equal proportions to all the working classes. Boxer, Clover, and Benjamin were seen as the leaders of the working class. They did most of the laborious work and never complained

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