Animal Farm Essay

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Animal Farm was originally written by George Orwell in 1945 and recently adapted by the Shake and Stir Company to be presented at the Cremorne Theatre in QPAC. Directed by Michael Futcher and performed by the Shake and Stir Theatre Company. Animal farm follows the story of farm animals who wish to get rid of the humans in charge so they can live freely and peacefully in an Utopian society. However, once human free, drunk on power the smarter pigs slowly begin to be selfish and just as cruel if not more as the farmers were by misleading other animals while slowly but surely starting to adapt to human ways. Animal Farm portrays the greed and conflict when power becomes the prize. The Shake and Stirs Theatre Company’s mission is to “motivate, educate and relate to youth via an infectious enthusiasm for the live arts”. Therefore this essay will examine the ways in which role, stage elements, themes and messages are successfully used in Animal Farm to fulfil the company’s mission. Shake and Stir were successful when it came to presenting characters and how it was used effectively. There were numerous roles in this production, the cast however contained only five actors so multiple roles were acquired. Each actor had a very basic, costume consisting of black pants and white top with some form of animal’s ears or prop to signify which character they were. For example one of the actors who played Clover, a middle aged strong willed horse would transform into the character of Molly, a self indulged horse. To signify the changes the actress used horse ears for Clover and a platted frayed rope for Molly’s mane. The physicality also changed when the actor switched roles, this was very effective in making it believable for the audience. The physicality change between the characters Molly and Clover, Mollies physicality is more ditzy and young and always making standing chest

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