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Animal Farm Essay

  • Submitted by: vinayh
  • on August 5, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Animal Farm" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

‘Animal Farm’ is an entertaining and humorous children’s fable on the surface but deep down it has serious ideas and insights.

This novel, written by George Orwell, can be viewed to be an engaging tale for young readers. Its use of farm animals and a compelling plot contribute to it being a children’s fable. However, deciphering further into the novel, Orwell has included the political ideas of the Russian Revolution and Communist government. These are seen with allegory and satire. In developing these political ideas, important ideas of communism and corruption, oppression and inequality are moreover shown.

The use of allegory develops the link of the animals and the Russian political system. Orwell has intentionally represented Napoleon as the Communist Leader of Russia, Stalin. The novel allegorises the pigs, representing the political leaders. The other farm animals illustrate the subjects of the Communist government. Through these depictions, the development of the similarity between Napoleon’s regime and Stalin’s government is seen in the course of the novel.
The initial stage of the animal revolution saw the animals being content and equal. However, as Napoleon’s power up surged, his actions gradually converted into despotism [tyranny]. This is demonstrated when Napoleon executes innocent animals to profit himself and stay in authority. This act contradicts one of the Seven Commandments - “No animal shall kill another”. Immersed in his undefined supremacy, Napoleon’s ideals highlight the change of state in Animal Farm - a dictatorship state. This clearly parallels Stalin and his abuse of power, which believably led to an immoral government in Russia.

Orwell also uses the concept of satire, from views on the Russian Revolution, referring to the animals. The pigs are comparable with human nature. With the use of propaganda and exploitation, the pigs gained power over the other animals. The milk incident hints this acquiring of power, where the pigs...

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