Animal Experimentation for Mankind’s Benefit

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Animal experimentation has been around for thousands of years. It is mainly used for scientific research and weaponry for defense to observe the effects. In the tests, one will observe the changes in behavior, development and genetics. There are two sides that bring emotions to animal testing. The companies resort to animal testing because of the need to find out the effects. The people who oppose are trying to defend the rights of the animals. The ongoing battle between the two groups has been an ongoing battle ever since animal experimentation started. It is not likely for the both side to make an agreement unless there is a cheaper and humane way to gather the information needed. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Animal testing is the best possible option. Animal testing is necessary to safely keep up with the growing market of products and pharmaceutical drugs. The animals used for testing often turns into a lethal result. Animal testing is not required by the law, but it is done by the companies to protect itself from consumer lawsuits. One of the most well known tragedies of animal experimentation is the Thalidomide Tragedy. Thalidomide was tested on thousands of animals and was considered to be safe to use to sedate. The children of mothers, who used this drug while pregnant, were born with deformities. (Bantwal) It is common for certain drugs to have no effect on animals, but it can be harmful to humans. Although, animals have close to the same bodily functions, it is not accurate to test on animals and expect to have the same results on humans. It is true how people that oppose animal testing say that it can be cruel. Every year, there are five million dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, monkeys, and other animals that are used for tests in the United States. Fifty percent of these animals will die within two to three weeks once the experiments started.

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