Animal Experimentation: A Necessary Evil Or Just E Essay

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More than 100 million animals are used in animal experimentation annually for the benefit of human medical research. These animals range from small rodents like mice and rats to birds, dogs and cats. Millions of the animals subject to medical testing die each year from the drugs and procedures performed on them. Because of these overwhelming statistics, the false belief that it is valid for its cause and the numerous alternatives, animal experimentation should be significantly reduced if not eliminated. Robert Garner, a reader in politics at the University at Leicester, England said this: "If we insist upon granting rights to humans we should also grant them to animals. Animal experimentation then becomes illegitimate, irrespective of the benefits that might result "(69). Animal experimentation is unethical and violates the rights that animals should automatically be given. Animals experience many procedures, especially toxicity testing, that inflict pain on them consciously. (Garner, 70) The worst part is that there are alternatives that can be used, making this a cruel and uncompassionate way of testing drugs. Animal suffering occurs not only because of painful procedures and harmful drugs, but from lack of companionship, stimulation and even adequate space. Choosing to reduce animal experimentation doesn' t have to include accepting animals as having perfectly equal rights as humans, but only that they should be respected and not thoughtlessly harmed for our benefit. (Garner, 71) "Some people say that if research animals are similar enough to humans that they can serve as research substitutes, then they should not be experimented on,"(61) award-winning author Nancy Day explained. Some animals are so close biologically to us, such as chimpanzees and other primates, that experimenting on them is too close to experimenting on a human. Speciesism is

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