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Animal Experimentation Essay

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Animal Experimentation: Wrong, Unfair, & Cruel

Many people have a tend to believe that above all concern for any life forms on this belief comes with this planet, the advancement of the human race is of foremost importance. For many people, the very crucial assumption that any means beneficial to the human population should be taken into drastic measures. Despite unfavorable costs to all non-human organisms. Animal experimentation has long been a method used by scientists and researchers in the medical field. This type of experimentation involves testing drugs, chemical substances, and medical procedures on animals in labs. People in favor of experiments on animals argue that medical developments that result from experimentation can save humans’ life, prevent/cure diseases, and end human suffering. In spite of this animal mistreatment is wrong and should be banned. On one hand, studies utilizing animals have provided scientists w/precious information that has led to the creation of treatments for numerous diseases, such as diabetes. On the other hand, research involving animals has provided scientists w/a plethora of misleading information that caused harm to the public.
People against animal experimentation realize that cruel experiments on animals are completely unnecessary today and often do very little or nothing to help people because they provide inaccurate results. The results of animal experiments aren’t nearly trustworthy enough to be guaranteed as precise models of a drug’s effect on the human body. Instead of improving medical techniques and products for human use, experiments on animals are holding humans back from the knowledge they could gain from other effective methods of testing. Animal experimentation is harmful to both humans and animals, the costs of animal experimentation to humankind far outweigh the benefits.

With the use of animal research, little success has been made in the production of vaccines, antibiotics, and other...

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