Animal Cruelty Short Story

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Unnecessary Suffering Being undercover was my favourite way to get a story. Research is great, but experiencing something first hand is the way to go. No outside biases or sugar coated explanations, only hard cold facts. When I got the assignment to do a piece on the truth about animal testing, I knew the only way I could really uncover the truth was to go in and find out myself. I did some research and found a testing company that was looking for employees to help in their lab. I knew that this was my opportunity to get in and explore the world of animal experimentation. I applied and got the job. Monday morning rolled around and I began outfitting myself with my tape recorder and hidden camera. I had done some background research, looking at some PETA websites and laughed it off. There was no way that the companies could be as bad as they made them seem, crazy PETA folks just exaggerating again I thought. After a nerve-wracking journey on the underground, I got to the testing lab and walked inside. "Hello I'm the new lab tech. Can you point me in the right direction?" The security guard looked me up and down and said to his partner, "Hmm, she looks like she has a heart, she'll last a few days." The comment made me shiver. A young man in a lab coat walked up to me with a smile on his face. "Hello, you must be the new lab tech. I'm James, the head tech here." "Hi, I'm Jayne." I shook his hand as I kept looking around. One of the dogs near me sniffed and made a strained bark, before I could even register the sound James was right next to the cage yelling at the dog, he then proceeded to open the latch and slap the dog. I was mortified; it was a harmless beagle puppy. All it did was greet me into its world, an action that did not warrant any sort of punishment. I looked at James again. "See, they know to behave, that's why it's so nice and quiet in here.
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