Animal Cruelty Essay

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ANIMAL CRUELTY (dog abuse) Sadly, in the next 18 minutes when I start talking, hundreds or thousands of dogs are being abused in the world. Yes, today I am going to deliver a speech on animal cruelty specifically about dog abuse. One of the most trustworthy and loving pets that you can bring home are dogs. This is because over the centuries, they have proved to be just this, earning them the title - 'man's best friend'. In most homes and elsewhere, dogs are loved and usually treated well however, there are also many instances of Dog Abuse that is the appalling reality of our times. Sadly, Dog Abuse Facts, recorded by the 'abuse database', reveal that more than half of the 12,000 cases of animal abuse account for Dog Abuse. Fortunately, there are several dog shelters and rescue groups as well as other humane organizations which are fully committed to the treatment and welfare of abused dogs. Broadly speaking, cruelty to animals is the unnecessary and unacceptable suffering or harm inflicted by humans. This definition also applies to Dog Abuse. More specifically, it can also be defined as the hitting, shouting at, or injuring a dog in a particular way. First of all, I’m going to talk about dog abuse in Malaysia. In Malaysia, dogs are recorded as the most abuse animal. From pet owners to the local municipal councils, dogs are ill-treated. Every day cases of dog being ill-treated by pet owners are being reported to the humane organizations in Malaysia such as the SPCA and MIAR . Starting from pet owners neglect the daily necessity of a dog. For an example , dog being chained for hours under the heat of the sun and perhaps on a rainy day. Dogs being kicked and abuse in many ways by heartless pet owners. Why own a dog when you can’t take care of it? Many cases of dog being dumped because it is old. Practically because it needs more medical attention and care

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