Animal Cruelty Essay

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Brandon Garza 1310-Section #218 September 21, 2014 Formal Paper #2 Word Count: 769 Animal Cruelty Do you ever put yourself in an animal’s position when they’re locked up in a cage? Or when they get beat for no reason? I can’t explain the anger that rushes through my veins when I see any kind of helpless animal get mistreated by a human. Throughout the world animals are being mistreated, and almost all the time they can’t defend themselves. It hurts me knowing people have absolutely no reason for these actions. I will portray how my closer friendships will make an easier coordination of a movement through social media while exhibiting the ways I will incorporate my strong and weak ties into my efforts into defeating Animal Cruelty. Strong ties are personal relationships that contain the strongest connections within each other and are key to developing a successful plan. “All the volunteers were required to provide a list of personal contacts—the people they wanted kept apprised of their activities—and participants were far more likely than dropouts to have close friends…”(Gladwell. My family would considerably be my strongest ties, because they are animal lovers resembling me and can relate to how I feel about animal cruelty. Since the quality of connection is great between me and my family, I can depend on them to help me start up local events and support every decision I make. It is outstanding how quickly news of any sort, passes throughout the world without us evening knowing it. ). Weak ties can be quick ways to spread information to people that you’ve never met and in return will spread your awareness like a wildfire. When you look at the spread of awareness you take into account how everyone receives the message that was sent out, and you learn that this is the number one way of accomplishing your awareness. If we spread news unknowingly, imagine

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