Animal Cruelty Essay

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Moral Treatment of Animals and Humans: A Discussion of the Focus of Morality. Name Class Date Moral Treatment of Animals and Humans: A Discussion of the Focus of Morality. The treatment of creatures that are not human is the subject of an article by Bonnie Steinbock where she focuses her ideas on the idea of the link between treatment of a being and their equality to the human race. In focusing her argument on equality, she attempts to show that creatures are not human and there for do not have the right to the same kind of humane treatment that humans are given. Her focus on the argument and the counterarguments are on the recipient of treatment rather than the morality of the giver of treatment. The rational is faulty because morality is not assigned by the recipient of moral behavior but the actor. Her response to the issue of equality and suffering as focused on the recipient also does not hold as the actor of behaviors that result in either humane or cruel treatment is the basis for its morality. The basic argument that Steinbock has made about the difference between speciecism in comparison to sexism or racism is that different species of life are in fact not human life and are therefore not subject to the morals that we place as valued for human rights. Being human subjects an entity to the human rights that have been determined to be moral. Being a lion, as an example, does not entitle that creature to have human rights imposed upon its treatment. How a lion is treated, but the capacity to take its freedom, kill it for food, or use it for experimentation is not relevant to human concepts of morality because it does not have the capacity to be human and has not earned that right. Moreover, it does not have the capacity to reciprocate those rights either. Intelligence is a marker for how a creature is treated. Steinbock states that “Intelligence

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