Animal Cruelty Essay

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LaGarrian Harris Dr. McGowan-Romero English 1302 April 19, 2013 Animal Cruelty: Killing for Fur Many precious animals are being killed only because there is a high demand for fur in the U.S., and around the world. In this civilized age this atrocious act should not ever be tolerated. Animals are so beautiful. We treat them as if they are our friend, children, sibling, or simply just part of the family. More than half of Americans own some type of pet, mainly dogs or cats. Why kill such a precious thing that only wants to love and be loved. A lot of people object to participating in any kind of animal cruelty, unfortunately, every one doesn’t view it the same. Many money hungry barbaric humans do not agree, but there are some who share this concern. One of these sources who share this concern is The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), they are an amazing organization for the protection and safety of animals. Animals should have the rights and protections that humans have; the right to live, the right against torture, and everything the HSUS says about animal rights. Fortunately there are many people who believe that no one has the right to hurt or kill another human being, except for self preservation purposes. Mainly because we as humans feel pain and know what it feels like to hurt due to the nervous system in the body. So subconsciously we can imagine the pain someone else feels, and that is why we believe no one should hurt another. The nervous system in most animals are very similar to those of a human being, purposing that animals feel pain the same as people feel pain. Hence, if people do not have the right to cause pain to each other, then they should not have the right to cause pain to animals. Also, there is some evidence that states most animals have emotions, and are susceptible to mental stress, and are affected by the same things

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