Animal Communication Essay

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Animal Communication Many people don’t actually know that animals just like humans have very rare and unique ways of communicating. Most animals use body language as humans in order to communicate, usually they communicate mostly through smells and sounds. We know the typical examples, when a dog shows its teeth it means it can attack but we don’t know other ways of communicating. Animals just like humans are intelligent and even though they can’t talk we can understand them by the use of their body language. For example, bees dance when they find nectar, the scout bee will dance inside the hive so the other bees can know what she just did and will go find the nectar; chimpanzees greet each other by touching their hands and gorillas stick out their tongue to show anger. These are three examples of three totally different animals, one kind of animal, the bee, which is considered almost an insect, is also very calm unless someone bothers him. The chimpanzees are known because it is told that nobody can trust monkeys and their species but, they look according to a lot of theories a lot like humans and in fact they are the ones who act much more like humans themselves. The bottom line of everything said before is that animals can transmit their feelings and need to humans but, how do animals transmit what they want to to other animals?, they do it through three steps. First of all it is done in various ways depending of the physical structure of the animal communicating, it can also be expressed by facial expressions, color and movement. For example, the cobra expand its neck to warn about an attack. The second characteristic are the sounds, animals send messages to other animals by making sounds that can be heard by them under water or even in zones where humans couldn’t here it, in this case the whale is a good example, sending messages that only they can hear

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