Animal Cloning Essay

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Animal Cloning What if we had a machine that had two containers and you put a dog in one, after a couple of minutes, there is an exact replica that comes out of the other container like the movies. Even if this does not happen we have something close to it. On it said that scientists have been working with DNA since the 1960’s, and now human are finally in control of creating life. Being able to make a genetic copy in other words (a clone) of another animal has been around for quite a while. Choosing a specific animal and create an exact duplicate. A breeder, farmer or scientist could create a clone of a favorite dog, cow, bird etc… A pet owner could pay money for their favorite pet to be clone over and over again. There is different ways to clone an animal but it is wrong and it is not the way of life. There are two common ways of cloning animals. One way is called therapeutic cloning. This way of cloning involves taking out a fertilized ovum, waiting until a cell cultivates into four cells, separating these cells, and then putting the ovum back into the animal. Each of the cells has the exact same DNA. Therapeutic cloning relies on stem cells extracted from embryos, of the stem cells extracted, just a portion is usable. Some cells mutate and cause tumors on the animals that are being cloned. To be able to truly cure disease, millions of eggs will be required, and there is not a sufficient supply at this time. Researchers are looking for other avenues to produce enough eggs. When the cloned animal gets older the tumor that it developed causes problems. The animal would not live a healthy life. Another way of cloning is painful and it is called “Nuclear Transplantation,” Nuclear Transplantation basically means taking the cell from a fertilized ovum. This is done by taking out a fertilized ovum from an animal when nuclear splitting it,

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