Animal Abuse vs Humane Volence Essay

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For my senior project I have chosen to do my topic on how animal abuse has been an influence in human violence in the U.S. There is a very direct connection between the abuse and neglection of an animal to human violence, we just never see it. I want to get into the minds of animal abusers and find what gives them the pleasure in torturing helpless animals. I have never known how many animals have or are being abused to day around the world, let alone Augusta itself. I never knew that the abuse of animals could lead to human violence such as, serial killers, murders, and child abusers. I have never been able to get into depth about animal abuse and human violence until now. For my product , I plan to volunteer at the CSRA Humane Society in downtown Augusta and while doing so I plan to take lots of pictures that I want to include on a picture show I plan to present. My mentor will be Susan McGhee who is a volunteer representative at the humane society. She has been around animals for long periods of time and knows what kind of abuse is going on in the area right now. Also, for my product I plan to conduct and organize a fundraiser. I feel as though my product will be very time consuming and probably have some expense to it but I am fully prepared. My research paper is going to examine and really get into depth about how animal abuse is very related to humane violence in so many ways. Therefore, my preliminary thesis statement is: “ The most important approach that should be taken when debating the epidemic of animal abuse and neglect is the cause of animal abuse. One should take note that animal cruelty is connected in many ways to human violence. I hope to gain a lot from the senior project and not just knowledge of my topic but believing that I can achieve this and go on to graduate and do something more with my education. I do hope to learn a lot

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