Animal Abuse Essay

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Animal Abuse: Why? A dog is said to be man’s best friend. Is this really the truth? Yes, if friend means victim. Animal abuse is wrong, it is a devastating topic to even think about, and should be stopped. Why is animal abuse bad? For most people this seems an easy question to answer, but they forget to think deeper; they forget the real evil behind it. There are countless reasons for why people choose to abuse animals, almost all of which are rather hard to comprehend, or forgive. There are already individuals around the world that choose to stand up to these wrong doings, and hopefully prevent them from ever happening. It is important to understand the motives behind these acts of animal abuse, learn more about them, and also support and publicize the number of groups and laws that are in action right now, fighting to protect the rights of the animal population. Animal abuse is detrimental; it is a twisted act of violence. Every year, millions of innocent animals are killed, malnourished, or even tortured in hate crimes, lab testing, or just for the offender’s entertainment (Animal Abuse = Wrong, 2001). They do not ask for this kind of treatment. They are victims of unnecessary and inhumane actions, experiencing pain that we would never endure in our lifetimes. Animals are often evaluated as things without feelings, as the philosopher Rene Descartes had thought. He believed that they did not experience the same thoughts or emotions and pain that we do. Animals are often treated as such, pretty much just condiments in our daily lives. They are something people paid for, so they think they have the right to treat them unkindly, that it is their property. Animals do have feelings, and they do perceive mental and physical anguish. Animals are damaged by passive and physical cruelty all the time. It is the malicious intent to neglect and harm animals that is truly

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