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No one requires testing on animals, so why do people do it? Why they have not invented something that can replace those animals? Cosmetics testing is usually focused on ensuring that a product does not harm a person's eyes and skin. It is also tested for overall toxicity and any toxicity related to ultraviolet light. An example would be a product that contains retinol which makes a person more susceptible to sun damage. Manufacturers will usually recommend a person to use a minimum amount of sun protection to safeguard skin and prevent damage and burning. Cosmetics testing will also focus on testing for mutagenic effects. Despite even this array of stringent testing, people do still suffer from reactions to cosmetics, which does indicate the challenges of drawing conclusions from testing that apply to the majority of the public. At present, cosmetics testing is generally faring well without the use of animal testing in areas where it is banned and hopefully, this trend will continue to take hold of other countries. The practice is particularly controversial because animals may experience discomfort, suffering and ultimately die, all in the name of aesthetics and 'looking good.' It is this aspect of animal tests that draws an enormous amount of criticism internationally. There are some who support animal testing for medicine simply because it involves the improvement of human health and the extension of human life. However, they do not support animal testing for cosmetics because the cost to the animals doesn't justify the research, which is really about enhancing appearances for humans. Animal testing is not just restricted to product testing, but goes well beyond that. It is widely used for the development of medical procedures and to gain scientific knowledge. Other than mice, rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs, the lengthy list of animals used in

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