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The Anglo-Saxon By: Amy, Cris, Stefani, Jessica, abby, & chencho The #Anglo-Saxons were initiated in 449 B.C. The peoples native tongue and culture is influenced by English. The Anglo-Saxons were classified like barbarians but were really much different. They lived of warfare not of luxuries, “the Anglo-Saxon England was born of warfare, remained forever a military society, and came to its end in battle.” they believe they live only to support and protect there members from any enemies, and do not believe in an after life. An Anglos-Saxons belief is much different from the majority of the beliefs that we have today, but the religion, beliefs, and literature we have today in America, first initiated in the time of the Anglo-Saxon age. The Anglo-Saxon belief in Christianity and Fate, imagine a life in which one simply a pawn at the hands of a mysterious higher force stumbling and meandering through…show more content…
As in other parts of the world skilled storytellers or bards sang of gods a heroes. The Anglo-Saxon did not regard these bards as inferior to warriors. To them creating poetry and presenting it to their community was as important as fighting, hunting or farming. They believed a hero must possess many traits before becoming an actual hero. One must be ruthless, superhuman, and cunning, understanding the need for sacrifice, have pride, and be courage. The goal of many Anglo-Saxon heroes’ is to change their fate and the actions that they take can sometimes be unethical and immoral. One of the most important gods. Was Odin, the god of death poetry and magic. The Anglo-Saxon name from Odin was Woden, Wednesday is Wodens day. He could help humans communicate with spirits and he was associated especially with burial rites and ecstatic trances, important for both poetry and religious

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