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English II Summer Reading Project The Catholic Church in Ireland has been an extremely powerful institution all throughout the twentieth century. In the novel by Frank McCourt and in reality, the Catholic Church is totally in charge of the schools, and thereby it also has power over the people. The government is almost set up as a theocracy where the daily lifestyle is revolved around the Catholic Church. The principles of the Catholic Church influence the lifestyle of Frank McCourt and his family. Throughout the novel the Catholic Lifestyle affects how Frank and his Family function and their lifestyle is revolved around the Catholic Church. The theme in Angelas’s Ashes is centered around Frank with his burden and guilt at his own sinfulness, particularly the sinfulness of his sexual thoughts and behavior. In “Angela’s Ashes” frank stated, “we take our ease on the sofa a while” and “if this is a sin I don’t give a fiddlers fart” (McCourt, 324) later on Frank was planning to visit and priest and stated “I’ll tell him about Theresa Carmody and how I sent her to hell and that will be the end of me, driven from the church” (McCourt, 329) Frank’s lifestyle revolves around the Catholic Church; all of his actions at school, work, and home, he has to think if the Catholic Church would approve and if he is committing any sins. In chapter X Frank has to steal a box of food to support his family and he knows that what he is doing is wrong according to the Catholic- Ten Commandments but is necessary in the situation that he and his family are in. This is how the Role of the Catholic Church impacts the theme of the novel by Frank McCourt. In the novel there are several conflicts but the Major one is Frank McCourt living a life that most children do not have to endure. As a young child he had to mature faster than most kids because he was the one looking after

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