Angina And Health Care Assessment Essay

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INTRODUCTION On admission to a healthcare facility, a health assessment is a mandatory tool in assessing the patient’s health status. In general an assessment is broken down into two types of reviews, by conducting a health history which includes the collection of subjective data (information elicited by the patient or patients’ family members) and a physical examination of the patient which includes the gathering of evidence based data (Wilson & Giddens, 2009). Collecting and documenting accurate information is imperative in providing the allied health team this information to facilitate an efficient and well-formed care plan in addition to establishing a baseline for subsequent assessments (Springhouse, 2004; Wilson & Giddens, 2009). PATIENT INTERVIEW A health assessment should consist of establishing a patient profile and incorporate a full medical history (Harvey, 2004). The traditional approach includes collecting subject matter on “biographical data, present health concerns (or present illness) and the chief complaint, past history, family history, review of system and patient data” (Farrell & Dempsey, 2010, p. 74). The assessment interview builds the foundation of the nurse and patient relationship. Building good rapport with the patient will alleviate any stress, anxiety or discomfort the patient may be feeling. The patient will be asked personal questions and at times may not understand or may not want to divulge information about their personal life/situation. As a nurse being open and honest, explaining why this type of information is necessary and asking open-ended questions will help prompt the patient to disclose the facts required, expedite the process and be fundamental in performing a successful assessment (Springhouse, 2004). The compilations of biographic data aid in establishing the patient as an individual. This will include personal
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