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Hey hey hey. Most of yu knoe me if yah dntt well read CAREFULLY dha name is Angela buh i prefer beinq called Angiie Bee or jhus Angiie. Im 14 yrs yunq ; no where near "OLD" lols. I currently reside in New York.! It aint dhat bad buh it could be a lot betta. Currently walking dha halls at dha High School For Contemporary Arts. I LOVE to sinq nd act. I wanna be famous when i qrow up ; its my dream!! If i dntt become famous then i wanna be a Pediatrition because i love lil kids!! They're soo cute nd stuff lols. Im SinqLe lols. I qot a baby brother who i love so effin much. He's dhee only boy who will NEVER break my heart.!! Im a very nice person until yu qet on my bad side dhen my alter eqo will come out haha. My fav color is PiNK. My inspirations are Beyonce Raven nd Angela Bassett. Um i love to make new friendsz. Im not dha type to call people my best friend really quick nd i only call certain people my besties. They are Tiana Navasha Asia Anita Brittany Destiny nd Tina. I love tawkin ppl say i tawk to much idts doe.!. Im a very funny person i love makin jokes about people specially on dha train nd bus nd in skool.! Lol. I get it frm my daddy ; YES im a daddy's qirl althouqh he can be really strick at times ilhsm!! Buh i quess dhas it if yu wanna knoe sumthin else jhus hit up dha cmnts or msgs.!

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