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Communication Studies B 11 March 15th, 2012 Mopan Mayas and their Languages History can be a Myth if there is no evidence to show or prove it. In Belize, the earliest record known of the Maya dates back to 2500 B.C. The Maya people constitute of a diverse range of languages. They reside in the area which is known as Cuello. The area is now known as Belize. Mopan Maya is spoken in Mayan Villages in Belize and Guatemala. There are estimated of 7,000 native speakers in the region. Now, there are only few Maya descendants of those ancient people living in Belize. Mopan Language is well known to be the one language in Belize that sill existed and spoken by thousands of the Mayas mainly throughout the country. Maya societies declined due to specified causes due to soil exhaustion, disease and most of all by killing the leaders and the ruling class. The loss of administrative power, as well as the decline of social and economical systemic dismantled the Maya civilization and their great cities. In the presence of the British occupation, the Maya remained interior in the country until the mid-nineteenth Century when they began to strive against colonial Invasion. There are three groups of Maya that came from various areas of Belize. Yucatec Maya who migrated from the south of Mexico, live in the Northern Districts and merge to a great extent which is the Mestizo population. Whilst on the other hand, the Mopan Maya came mainly from San Luis in the Peten region of Guatemala and settled in San Antonio, Toledo. The Mopan language group today are mixed with Spanish because the language are not often used in the modern world by young children growing up today. Since many children are attending school they become tri-lingual with the Creole and Spanish language and find it hard to talk fluently in Mopan language. The whole life of Mopan Mayas has changed and only old

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