Anger Between Genders Essay

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ANGER BETWEEN GENDERS LANGUAGES AND MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA ELF 0007 BASIC RESEARCH METHODOLOGY GROUP 752 4TH OCTOBER 2013 Abstract The purpose of this study is to differentiate on how both gender describe anger and how they manage the emotion. A population from the students of Centre for Foundation Studies, International Islamic University Malaysia and the residents of Desa Temenggung, Pinggiran Batu Caves were chosen to assess their knowledge on anger. Data for this research were collected through a set of questionnaire and interview. This study employed a quantitative and qualitative research methodology involving the use of questionnaires and sets of questions for interview. There are 32 respondents consists 17 females and 15 males for answering the sets of questionnaires while 8 interviewees consists 7 females and 1 males for the interview. The findings for this survey will help both gender to realise their own know-hows related to anger, the effect which can be caused by anger and their own solutions on managing anger. Therefore, the knowledge and high awareness on the importance of managing anger especially for those who are working and having a relationship, as these will encourage them to control themselves and the betterment of life. It is recommended to have another future research on the solutions on managing anger as there are a lot of people who are lacking on anger management. So, it will give the advantages especially to the person themselves to improve their own lives and future. Table of Contents Page Abstract 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Research Methodology 11 Findings and Discussion 13 Conclusion and Recommendation 18 References 20 Appendices 21
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