Angels In America Essay

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Why do gays travel to such extremities to live in a society where they live in denial about their sexuality? Angels in America, a play by Tony Kushner, represents the the crude awakening of the reality homosexuals had to face. This play not only represents the deteriorating disease of AIDS, but it is also a dramatic play that critically gives an answer to thousands of Americans who lived a cruel reality. A reality in which they questioned the difficulty in living in a society that particularity objected to the views of homosexuality. Kushner displays his views towards two characters who struggle facing inner anguish and public torment. Sadly, being homosexual in America, especially during the 1980s where “gay-bashing” is prime, is a society that looks down upon gays. By the setting of the play being in New York City, where all sorts of cultures interface one another, proves that everyone comes in contact with homosexuality. The religious and political forces that set the mood of the play represents the drive the characters to act the way they do and make the choices they make. Roy Cohn and Joe pitt represent the stereotypical gay men who refuse to announce their sexual orientation. Kushner illustrates these two characters as men who go to extreme measures to deny their homosexuality. Sadly, they not only lie to others , but they are unfaithful to themselves. To justify the characters actions and decisions relies upon the utmost fear they display throughout the play. Fear of being taunted from others on how they view them. Fear of being known as a minority in this vast society. In Roy Cohn's action, he is fears to the destroying of his well connected job, a lawyer. Roy says, “Homosexuals are men who know nobody and who nobody knows. Who have zero clout. Does this sound like me, Henry?”(51). Roy is a well known, ruthless lawyer, who is afraid with the fact that his

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