Angels Feast Essay

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Angels Feast If I had a chance to invite only four people to a dinner, I would invite Macie Janet, Daniel Marcilleo, Layla Ogden, and June Goodnight. Although there is an estimate of 6.94 billion people on Earth, these four have significantly influenced my life. From soaring high above the mountains to diving deep beneath the sea they have showed me the true meaning of living. My manners, priorities, and choices would not be as well off as they are to this day, if it were not for their strength and guidance. Macie Janet, a loving woman, gentle as a rose petal, and as feisty as a wild fire, has taught me many life lessons. Macie, has helped me through my highs and lows. She showed me how beautiful I really am. She opened my eyes to see that I am a lovely young lady and even in the rain I shine bursting with brilliant colors of a Key West sunset. I have never been alone because she has always been there to comfort me like a guardian angel. I am a lucky young lady to have met a woman like Macie. She has shown me where angels soar and has taught me how to fly airplanes. I will never forget the way she smiled at me when she turned on the propeler to take off. Daniel Marcilleo, a fine man who taught me how to love, speak my opinion, and reveal the real me. He taught me about the stars and even named one after me. He taught me how to respect myself as well as others. Daniel, taught me to stand up for myself, in what I believe, and who I believe in. To not let any person walk over me, but to stand tall like a skyscraper. Conversations that lasted for years and hazel eyes that held me in a trance. His voice was melodious and sang me sweet lullabies. The smallest touch or the strong squeeze of a bear hug made me feel safe and understood. One minute or an eternity with him would please me more than anything. Layla Ogden, my flower girl, taught me

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