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Angela's Ashes - Thematic Assignment Vlad M. 24/03/2013 In the book, "Angela's Ashes", religion played a prominent role. Most of the book takes place in Ireland, where the main religion is Catholicism. Limerick is considered the Holiest City, due to the Arch Confraternity. Frank did not have any positive religious role models and didn't understand much of the religion he was being taught. In my opinion, religion was a hindrance to Franks childhood and him growing up, albeit he did sometimes find solace in religion. Religion in Ireland, and especially Limerick, was extremely strict, with the smallest and most insignificant "sins", bringing you straight to hell and eternal damnation. The small children were so scared of committing sins, that they would confess everything that they deemed bad. A quote that shows Frank doing this is: "Bless me, father for I have sinned, it's a minute since my last confession. A minute! Are you the boy that was just here? I am, Father." (McCourt pg. 129). Here Frank was at confession, because he threw up his first communion breakfast. In our culture today, it would be insignificant because throwing up is a bodily function, that should not be controlled, yet to Franks grandmother this was a big deal and considered a sin. Even Frank himself admits that his religion did account for some amount of suffering in his early life. “Worse than the ordinary miserable childhood, is the miserable Irish childhood, and worse yet is the miserable Irish Catholic childhood”(McCourt pg. 11) This quote portrays the increase of negative emotion, describing the worse possible scenario of a childhood, adding finally “Catholic” to signify the most terrible part of the childhood Frank suffered. Furthermore, in my opinion,
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