Angelas Ashes Response 13-15

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Response to Angela’s Ashes: Chapters 13-15 Crazily, life has turned in a completely different direction for the remaining McCourt family. They’ve moved into Laman Griffin’s house and he’s shown to be quite a picky man. He reminds me of a sluggish American man. Throughout Angela’s Ashes I’ve noticed that quite a lot of people have good hearts and will donate money or offer some food here and there, but Griffin doesn’t fit into that equation. He has no pity towards the poor and he’s the kind of guy that would say “it’s your own fault that you’re on the streets”. When really, he has no idea what a mother has to go through or what the children had to go through. Because of the fact that Laman Griffin is hardworking, is a man, he’s able to make money and pursue some type of career. Sadly, Angela isn’t able to do that. It’s shown to us that the McCourt family does everything in Griffin’s favor so that they are able to live there. In the beginning, things are going swell. They’re all getting food, shelter, obeying Griffin’s command completely with no complaints. But even Lamar Griffin needs his pints, not to mention womanly duties. What he later gets tired of, is the children. They’ve become an annoyance for him. He wants to sleep comfortably and wants his own time; not shared with kids. It’s understandable but things get violent when Frank forgot to empty the chamber pot for Griffin. Frank not only rebels back because it was a mistake, but because Griffin has been sleeping with his mother and this gives him a worrying feeling. Frank doesn’t really say much about how he feels about his mother and Griffin having “excitement” but once he looks more through those books at the library, he concludes adultery is a terrible sin. Frankie also gets a job and earns his own money. A man, he thinks himself to be. “Now I have to hand over my wages…I won’t be able to save for my

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