Angela's Ashes & Sons and Lovers Comparison

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Angela’s Ashes and Sons and Lovers; Family’s Life Struggle Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt is a true story of Frank McCourt’s and his family’s life after moving from Brooklyn to Ireland. While in Ireland Frank and his family strive to survive while living an impoverished life with little money, a forever changing place to call home, and an alcoholic father who does little to nothing to support the family. Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence is a story about the life of Paul Morel and his dysfunctional family while they endure many life obstacles that test their strength to carry on all while living with low to no income, many death experiences, and an alcoholic mining father in the middle of Great Britain at the beginning of the twentieth century. Treacherous family issues, death, and difficulties faced with coming of age are similar hardships that plague both families during a life struggle in D.H. Lawrence’s novel Sons and Lovers and Frank McCourt’s novel Angela’s Ashes, however, both protagonists independently conquer their life struggles and ameliorate their lives for the better. Throughout the novels, Frank McCourt, the protagonist in Angela’s Ashes and Paul Morel, the protagonist in Sons and Lovers face many similar family issues. In the novel Sons and Lovers, Paul grows up living with an alcoholic father. Paul’s father, Walter Morel, is does not support his family and is never home because he is always out wasting away his money on alcohol. Walter is also a violent drunk who comes home from the bar and fights with his wife every night due to her endless nagging. “She tried to force him to face things. He could not endure it- it drove him out of his mind” (Morel 14), leading to Walter beating his wife when he comes home drunk because he is tired of hearing her yell. Walter’s irresponsible alcohol fueled actions greatly affect Paul; he feels very bad for his

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