Angel Investors Watch over Women Entrepreneurs Essay

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Angel Investors Watch Over Women Entrepreneurs By Ty McMahan 4/4/2008 Rhonda Kallman is known for opening doors for women to a business dominated by men. As co-founder of Boston Beer Co., she helped build the manufacturer of Samuel Adams into one of the largest craft brewers in the U.S., while also making a commitment to recruiting and promoting women through the years. The Institute for Brewing Studies once awarded her with the title "Pioneering Woman in the Beer Business" So when she struggled to raise capital for her next beer venture, New Century Brewing Co., it seemed fitting that she turned to an investment group devoted to making an impact in an industry largely controlled by men. Golden Seeds, which invests only in women-led companies, provided Kallman with seed financing in 2006 to get the start-up off the ground. The firm is part of a grassroots effort by angel groups and other investor organizations to exploit the lack of venture capital devoted to companies run by women, who historically have run into obstacles raising money. Their hope is that they will realize strong returns on investment, creating a chain reaction of successful business owners who in turn will enter the investment game. "We want entrepreneurs to come in and see women investors in the room," Golden Seeds Managing Director Stephanie Hanbury-Brown said. "Our main objective now is to have more women investors because that will have a trickle-down effect. There are a lot of smart businesswomen out there." According to the Center of Women's Business Research, as of 2006, there were an estimated 7.7 million majority women-owned companies, accounting for 29.7% of all businesses in the U.S. Those companies generate $1.1 trillion in annual sales and employ 7.2 million people nationwide. Yet a separate study conducted by venture capital industry tracker VentureSource

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