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Andy Kauffman The handprint of Thomas Jefferson on American life is inescapable. He was a brilliant man who only wanted to be remembered for “the things that he had given the people, not the things that the people had given to him”. (Monticello) His epitaph, following these wishes reads: “HERE WAS BURIED THOMAS JEFFERSON AUTHOR OF THE DECLARATION OF AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE OF THE STATUTE OF VIRGINIA FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND FATHER OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA BORN APRIL 2, 1743 O.S. DIED JULY 4. 1826” Despite this impressive list, he did so much more for the People of America. On the smaller side, he was “the creator of a number of remarkable inventions,” (Text, 339) started the Barbary War, (which began the U.S Navy and Marines) and was an extraordinary architect and…show more content…
He was the son of a “county official and surveyor” and his mother was from “one of the most distinguished families in Virginia.” (Text, 339) Jefferson himself called his father’s education “quite neglected,” but Jefferson was “always ‘eager after information’ “ and “determined to improve himself” (Text, 339, quoting Autobiography). He accomplished this and much more, and by the time he entered the College of William and Mary he was quite learned. As a man, he was “rather tall and awkward ... eloquent as a correspondent but ... no public speaker” (Biography). This written eloquence caused him to become a delegate to the Second Continental Congress, where he wrote the Declaration of Independence, which will be discussed later. It is quite worthy to note that he was only 33 at this time, writing one of the most important documents of our nation’s history. After leaving Congress in 1776 Jefferson almost completely left the national stage, acting as trade commissioner and minister to France. In 1796, he again became active in national politics, becoming Vice President and then President in 1800
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