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VISUAL ARTS TASK # 2 ANDY WARHOL PRACTICE: Historical Background: Andy Warhol was born on the 6th of August 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and died on February 22nd, 1987, in New York City. Andy Warhol’s father (Ondrej) was a construction worker and his mother (Julia) was an embroiderer. They were both Slovakian immigrants and Bytazine Catholics who attended church regularly. Andy Warhol was bedridden for several months at 8 years of age after he contracted a potentially fatal disease known as Chorea. While Warhol was sick in bed, his mother (a very skillful artist) gave him some of his first drawing lessons. Drawing then became one of Warhol’s favorite childhood hobbies. However, Warhol also had a strong passion for movies and after his mum bought him a camera at 9 years of age he discovered a strong love for photography as well, processing film in an improvised dark room in his basement. After Warhol’s father died in 1942, he left him with all of his life savings in his will that would go towards his college education and artistic practice. In 1945 Warhol graduated from Schenley High School and then enrolled at Carnegie Institute of Technology to study pictorial design. Artistic Career: (exhibitions, studies etc.): Warhol graduated from college in 1949 with his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, then moved to New York City in order to follow a career as a commercial artist. Glamour Magazine gave Warhol a job in September, and then he soon became one of the top commercial artists of the 1950s. He frequently won awards for his unique, creative style, incorporating his own ‘blotted line technique’ along with rubber stamps to make the drawings. In 1961, Warhol released the idea of “pop art” – paintings that included images of popular culture or mass-produced commercial goods. In 1962, he exhibited Campbell’s soup cans that have now become iconic.

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