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Andrew Johnson-Outline

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  • on December 3, 2013
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I. Presidents Full Name(Include Birth and death):
 Full Name :Andrew Johnson,
 Born : December 29, 1808 ; Raleigh, North Carolina
 Died:   July 23, 1875 by a stroke

II. Educational and occupation background :
 Education: Andrew had a minimum amount of   education as he was born into poverty
 Occupation: Tailor, Public Official

III. Terms or terms of office
 Terms served : one; 1865-1869

IV. Issues that were prominent in each election:
 Issues : Slavery

VI. Vice President :
 John C. Calhoun, terms served:   two; ( 1829-1832)

VII. Political Party:
 Democratic

VIII. Major Domestic happenings during his presidency:
 States must ratify the thirteenth and fourteenth amendment- In order to be apart of congress again they must provide civil and equal right to African Americans. (Thirteenth Amendment-put a end to slavery and the fourteen amendment - extend political rights)

 Black Codes passed- Black codes were considered Jim Crow Laws which limited and minimize the freedom for blacks to vote

 KuKluxKlan established-   White groups in the south attempted to prevent African American from voting

 Impeached and Trial of Andrew Johnson- The government began getting frustrated with Johnson ideas and impeached him. A trial was the held were thirty-five senators found him guilty and nineteen found him not guilty. Overall Johnson was not found guilty due to the constitution requiring   of two-thirds of majority vote.

 Freedmen Bureau Bill-   To aid former slaves through food, housing, education , and healthcare
 First Reconstruction Act(1867)-   Passes over president Johnson veto. Required the “sinful Ten” ( The 10 ex-confederate states) to adopt another government. Andrew Johnson was against this act.

 Tenure of Office Acts and command of the Amy act- This acts was use to get rid of President Andrew Johnson. Congress had held that president Johnson violated the law and gave him eleven charges. The house quickly voted to...

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