Andrew Jackson's Lasting Impact

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Research Paper: Andrew Jackson’s Lasting Impact By: Stephanie Leles 987917130 Research Paper: Which one of Andrew Jackson’s actions while President had the most lasting impact, and why? Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States of America. He is well known for his rags to riches story where as a young child he was an extremely poor orphan. When he grew up, he overcame many tribulations and worked hard to eventually become president. Jackson was well liked and people saw him as someone that related easily to the common man. That is why he was voted as the next president. Today, people think that, “Andrew Jackson was surely one of the most controversial of all of America’s first Presidents.” Jackson was seen as such a controversial president because of his stand on pro-slavery and anti-Indians. Many of the treaties and policies that he had created during his presidency had the most lasting impact because they did not seem to benefit most of the majority of the people, just the rich white males. During Jackson’s presidency, he passed treaties such as the Treaty of 1814 with the Creeks. He, “Dictated a treaty which took away half the land of the Creek nation.” These treaties were mainly focused on pushing the Indians out of the area to the West in order for the rich white males to have more land for themselves. Jackson did not think that the Indians themselves were actually part of the land he was governing and we can tell this is true because of the decisions he made during his presidency. Andrew Jackson was said to have been, “A land speculator, merchant, slave trader, and most aggressive enemy of the Indians in early American history.” This would explain why he would be so quick as to sign off on treaties that would take away the homes of the Indians. Jackson also put the Indian Removal Acts into motion. “His
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