Andrew Jackson-a Man of the People Essay

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Andrew Jackson: A Man of the People Andrew Jackson during his presidency faced hard and trying issues that put him and his beliefs to the test. He had to try to make the proper decision not only for his close friends and family, but for an entire nation. Topics like slavery, Indian removal, bank control, Industrialization, and the preservation of the Union, that if not handled properly, could result in civil war, or the division of the country. Andrew Jackson, despite the effects and biases of some of his decisions, was truly a great transformative leader during the early stages of the United States based on his incredible ability to keep expand the country, industrialize the nation, and giving more power to the common man. Andrew Jackson expanded the United States boundaries farther than ever before. After the War of 1812, the United States was being to develop and establish a national identity. Americans then created national heroes of real people that explained exaggerated accounts of real life events. One of them was Daniel Bonne who found a road to Kentucky through the Cumberland Gap and brought pioneers to settle in the West. This expedition was encouraged by Andrew Jackson and was a part of the Manifest Destiny belief system that increased the amount of settlers in the West. Andrew Jackson during his presidency also industrialized a previously agriculturally dependent country. After the Panic of 1819, the South was scared to continue industrializing after all their loses. But during his term in office, Jackson made industry in the South not only a thought again, but an actual act that was carried out. Soon an industry centered around agriculture was created due to the huge demand for cotton, which created a boom for the economy. Devices like the cotton gin, the reaper, and the steel plow helped create a happy medium between agriculture and industry.

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