Andrew Jackson Presidency Essay

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Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States of America and is the face on the twenty dollar bill. Previous to his presidency Andrew Jackson was a lawyer, a member of the US House of Representatives, a member of the US Senate, a state supreme court judge, and a war hero. He was self taught and had successful careers considering his provenance. Jackson was a slave owner and a bitter man. He loathed Britain because the Revolutionary War resulted in the death of all his family members and despised the Native American Indians. Aside from his personal profile, Jackson’s presidencies have been considered by some to be over rated and insufficient but others have said they were revolutionary. Jackson set many goals during his presidencies to change the government as he saw fit. I don’t find this to be overrated but with everyone knowing about personal and military life the hype about Andrew Jackson is what makes him overrated. Election of 1828 Four years earlier in the Election of 1824 Andrew Jackson ran for his first presidential campaign against John Quincy Adams, William Crawford, and Henry Clay who were all Republicans (including Jackson). The campaign came down to Adams and Jackson who won the popular vote with 151,271 and electoral vote with 99 against John Quincy Adam’s 84 electoral votes and 113,122 popular vote. Even though Jackson had the most popular and electoral votes the election went to outgoing House of Representatives and speaker of the house Henry Clay gave the presidency to Adams, who in return made him Secretary of State which became known as the corrupt bargain. Election of 1828 was a rematch between Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams who stole his presidency 4 years before but the only difference this time is that not all campaigners were from the same party, Jackson became the first democratic president. The Election of 1828 is
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