Andrew Jackson: Hero or Villian

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Andrew Jackson: Hero or Villain? Andrew Jackson is a widely known man across America. Some call him a hero, while others call him a villain. There were multiple sides to Jackson, and the one that showed the most was his heroic side. Andrew Jackson is a hero in American history. Andrew Jackson was born in March of 1767. He never had the chance to meet his father because he died before Jackson was born. Elizabeth Hutchison, Jackson’s mother, did the best she could to raise Jackson on her own. At the age of 13, young Jackson joined the Continental Army, where he was eventually taken captive. “Jackson was eventually captured and imprisoned. During his captivity, a British officer wounded him and he contracted smallpox. His father had died before he was born, and his two brothers and mother perished during the war.” (Marquis) After the war, he suffered many hardships and the loss of his family members so Andrew Jackson started taking an interest in law. By the time Jackson was 18, he had already begun his legal practices in North Carolina. Jackson was a heroic General for the American Army. He proved over and over his dedication and expertise to America. He eventually was given a nickname, “Old Hickory,” because of his stubborn qualities that made him so successful. Andrew Jackson started to run for president and used his background as the foundation to his campaign. “As President Andrew Jackson himself declared, he governed on behalf of ‘the humble members of society – the farmers, mechanics, and laborers.’“ (Tindall 294) This outlook on the public got him the votes he needed to become the seventh president of the United States. He was the first president to invite the public to his inauguration. “The new president curried the support of the masses. Senator Daniel Webster scoffed at the huge, unruly crowd attending Jackson’s inauguration:

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