Andrew Jackson: Hero or Villain

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Andrew Jackson: Hero or Villain Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. Jackson was elected by popular vote. Jackson's mother thought him to stand up for what he believed in and defend his honor to the death. Jackson's strong stands and use of duels have painted a brutal picture of him and made him out to be a villain. Jackson was a product of the time and what his mother taught him. Jackson stayed trued to his morals and believes. Andrew Jackson began a quarrel with Charles Dickinson over a bet on a horse race. The quarrel escalated to mud slinging in letters. Jackson challenged Dickinson to a duel. Dickinson obliged and with guns pulled Dickinson fired first and got Jackson in the chest. Jackson did not fall to the ground; instead he stood his ground and shot Dickinson in the stomach. Dickinson fell and later died that night. Jackson was not known to complain about the duel. Jackson actually walked off the field after being shot. Jackson lived the rest of his life with that bullet in his chest. Dueling in Jackson's time was the way gentlemen protected their reputations or honor among other gentlemen. This may seem a bit extreme by modern day standards, but this was the standard of the day. Not just anyone dueled it was left for the gentlemen or the elite. Dueling was particularly predominant in the south. Jackson was a product of the era not just in dueling, but also in the moving of Native Americans. In Jackson's seventh annual message to congress he addresses the issue. In meeting the nations desire to have the Natives removed from established society setting they could not function within it. With the removal of the Natives Jackson sited the fact that the removal was coming at the cost of the government. He also sited that the government was providing needed supplies and trying to assist the Native Americans into their new home.

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