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Andrew Pereira 1-6-12 Andrew Jackson Unit VII Exam At the end of the election of 1828 the United States welcomed its 7th president Andrew Jackson. With Jackson as president the nation’s political system became more democratic. This change in government made ordinary citizens a greater political force. Some citizens accepted this change while others were horrified by the election of President Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson is a great president the drove the United States into a land of change. In the early 1800’s many white men gained voting rights. This was due to the fact that many states lowered the property qualifications in order to vote. As the cities grew peoples interest in politics grew because of the taxes that they paid to the government. The expansion of voting rights was in evidence in the presidential election of 1828. In 1824 about 355,000 citizens voted. After the expansion in 1828 more than 1.1 million citizens cast a ballot in the presidential election. Andrew Jackson had a great belief in the capability and intelligence of the average Americans. He felt that the majority should rule in a democracy and that citizens should play a bigger role in the government. Jackson strongly supported the spoils system. The spoils system is the practice of appointing people to government jobs based on political support and loyalty. He was the first president to force out a large number of political appointees in order to put in his own supporters. Jackson believed that the spoils system was democratic. Jackson rotated there government jobs at will and gave it to his supporters. During the early 1800’s South Carolina’s economy had been weakening. Many of the states residents blamed this on the nation’s tariffs. In 1828 when Congress passed the Tariff of Abominations South Carolina threatened to secede or withdraw from the union. Rather than support

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