Andrew Jackson: A Controversial President

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THE LIFE AND CAREER OF ANDREW JACKSON Jamalih Wright History 101 April 25, 2014 In 1828 Andrew Jackson would become the seventh President of the United States; elected by popular vote unlike most of his predecessors Jackson was a strong willed and self made man. Not like any other President, Jackson holds the title as one of the most controversial Presidents. Jackson would be the third child that was born to Scots- Irish colonist Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson on March 15, 1767 in the backwoods of a Waxhaw’s area near the border of North and South Carolina. His father died in an accident three weeks before his birth and his mother gave birth to Jackson on a trip from the burial site of her husband, making the exact location of his birth unknown. At the young age of 13 Jackson would join the Continental Army as a courier. He began traveling with the American Soldiers getting his first taste of life in the military working for Colonel Davie, the patriots' commander, mostly running errands or delivering messages.…show more content…
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