Andrew Jackson A Bad President Essay

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ANDREW JACKSON I believe that Andrew Jackson was a bad president. It’s because of the way he treated the Indians. When Jackson became president he destroyed the bank. It might be good for some people, but the rich didn’t favor Jackson’s choice. Then Jackson made a law called “The Indian Removal Act”. It was bad because this was the removal all Indian tribes to areas west of the Mississippi. A reason why this is bad is because on the Trail of Tears. (Indians migration to the west). Indians where treated like garbage they where force to travel gruesome miles in the freezing cold. So they had to follow what ever the soilders said. Many Indians died on the trail of tears. Another reason is that Jackson…show more content…
Jackson was known as the commen mans president. Jackson threw a lot of parties. Jackson got most of his support from the south/west, Jackson was known for *mud slinging* which was miss use of money and Jackson was known for using the spoils system which is rewarding your friend with giving them public office which led to poor government officials and corruption. Jackson was the tariff of abomination which the north factored for industry but the south didn't because they were farmers. This act led to the nullification of S.C. Which also leads to them trying to succeed, but Jackson uses military force to keep them in. One of Jackson's many other terrible choices was the spoil system. This was when Jackson replaced all government workers with people who were loyal to the office holder's political party. This was a terrible choice because many qualified, hard working, deserving, innocent workers will lose their jobs to less qualified and not as experienced people. This is not fair at all and it makes Jackson seem like a very irresponsible, immature president. This is unfair because Jackson is just ignoring the other half of the country that was simply just voicing their opinion. Also the new workers that Jackson picked were
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