Andrew Jackson Essay

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I considered Andrew Jackson a bad president because he was mean to the Native Americans.The Native Americans died because in 1830, Andrew Jackson instated the Indian removal act. The act evicted almost thousands of Native American families and Cherokees, from their homes in the Carolina and Georgia so that the white families could move into their homes. The native Americans had to be forced to walk all the way to Oklahoma. They walked during the winter and fall in 1830 with just the things they brought. The journey became known as " the trail of tears." It was a brutal journey to Oklahoma, diseases spread quickly and a lot of people died because of the illness or starvation. Almost 2,000 or more of Native Americans died because of the Indian Removal Act. Andrew Jackson was the one who closed the national banking system. The bank was owned by the federal government. It had a monopoly on federal deposits. Andrew thought that the bank benefited rich investors at the expense of workers as well as smaller banks. He distrusted the banks president, Nicholas Biddle, who was everything but Jackson not,he was not wealthy,highly educated and widely traveled. Bank's charter was due to come up for renewal in 1836, and Jackson waited until then to " slay the monster." Henry Clay planned to run president against Jackson in 1832 and decided to force the issue. He pushed a bill through the congress that renewed the bank's charter fours years earlier and he thought if Jackson signed the bill, the president would lose votes forum farmers. If Jackson vetoed the bill,he will lose votes from business people who depended on the bank for loans. Andrew Jackson was a slave owner. He owned more than 150 people. He used the slaves so they can do whatever he told them to do. Some slaves work in the fields and others work in his home at The Heritage. He was sometimes nice to

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