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The presidency of Andrew Jackson and Andrew Jackson himself, have been the subject of much debate by historians. Andrew Jackson was born in the Carolinas in 1767. He received sporadic education. But in his late teens he read law for about two years, and he became an outstanding young lawyer in Tennessee. Fiercely jealous of his honor, he engaged in brawls, and in a duel killed a man who cast an unjustified slur on his wife Rachel. ( He prospered sufficiently to buy slaves and to build a mansion, the Hermitage, near Nashville. He was the first man elected from Tennessee to the House of Representatives, and he served briefly in the Senate. The son of poor Irish immigrants, rose from his humble background to become a national military icon and the 7th President of the United States. During his terms as president, Jackson confronted some of the defining issues facing a nascent nation still searching for its identity. By moving beyond the politics and ideologies set in place by the Founding Fathers, Andrew Jackson became one of the most striking, polarizing, and influential figures in American history. ( Growing up on the edge of the frontier, Jackson's politics were shaped in part by the unconventional experiences in his youth. Orphaned in his teens, he fought in the Revolutionary War as an irregular soldier, and then worked as a lawyer in the Tennessee wilderness where he fought duels to protect his honor, prospered in business, and fell in love. He could be hot-tempered, brash, and violent but had a solid work ethic and was able to apply himself when it counted. He made, and fought, a lot of enemies, but he also made life-long friends. ( As President James Monroe's term came to an end, Andrew Jackson believed

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