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“Andrew Carnegie Explains the Gospel of Wealth,” (pp. 52-55). A. What is the historic context? In other words, what does the document illuminate about the wider world that Andrew Carnegie lived in? What was taking place that prompted him to write? (1-2 sentences) ***Carnegie proposed that the best way of dealing with the wealth is to distribute their goods responsibly and thoughtfully. Andrew Carnegie believes that the wealthy should not spend irresponsibly and self-indulge, but take care of the wealth and spend on something worth it. B. Who was Andrew Carnegie? If you need to, look him up in your textbook. Explain briefly why he was a significant person at this time. How might his position or status have influenced the opinions he expresses in this document? (1-2 sentences) ***Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish American Industrialist who led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century. In addition was a philanthropist in 1889. Carnegie made the Gospel of Wealth in order to improve society using the money of the wealthy. C. When was this piece written? ***The article was written in 1889. D. What was Carnegie’s intended audience? In other words, what sort of people did he hope to reach with this message? (1 sentence) ***Carnegie’s audience was the wealthy and he hoped that his message would reach the rich so society can improve. E. Decipher the language. Does Carnegie use any words for which the meaning isn’t clear to us today? Are there words and phrases that he uses differently from the way we use them today? (1-2 sentences, be specific) ***Carnegie writes to the rich and his theme is to not spend irresponsibly. If a person is wealthy they shouldn't be selfish and keep that money to themselves. But, they should put that money at a better cause. Carnegie speaks generally, but as a reader the

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