Andrea R Case Study Essay

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Running Head: Andrea R. Case Study Andrea R. Case Study Final Paper Assignment West Chester University of Pennsylvania Jennifer Jacotin SWG 554: December 5th, 2013 Introduction Andrea is a 27 year old, Caucasian woman. She has a nine year old son and lives in a one bedroom apartment in Queens. Vincent (Andrea’s son) has autism and suffers from Asthma. Andrea was recently hospitalized due to her attempt to commit suicide, by overdosing on her Zoloft medication. Andrea suffers from major depression, bi-polar disorder, Schizophrenia and epilepsy. Vincent was placed in foster care temporarily during his mother’s hospitalization. After Andrea was released from the hospital, Vincent remained in foster care and Andrea was permitted supervised…show more content…
I feel that the separation of Andrea and Vincent may place Andrea into a worse state of depression. Vincent seems to be an important factor in Andrea life. Andrea should be recommended to different social groups for individuals that may suffer from some of the same mental health illnesses as her or faces the same struggles as her. Andrea social environment is too limited and almost closed off. I fear that because of her lack of a healthy social lifestyle, that if she should lose someone from her family system, that it may be traumatic for her and very difficult for her to recover, maybe impossible. There isn’t enough information in the case to determine the cause of Andrea mental health illnesses, but from the information given by Andrea mother and son, Andrea seems to be this loving, caring young women. Andrea medications alone may also be an issue. Andrea should have therapy along with the medications, not just the medications alone is enough for her mental health issues. By using Freud’s and Adler theory of psychodynamics, systems theory and attachment theory, I was able to assess and analyze Andrea social environment, which seems to be a huge factor and hindrance to Andrea growth and
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