Andra Rush Case Study

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Paying Attention Pays Off for Andra Rush Matt Reule Indiana Wesleyan University MGMT-532-01A Dr. Debbie Philpott May 7, 20 Andra’s intrapersonal skills stemmed from her focus, drive, and innovative nature. Andra took the initiative and control of her future by enrolling in Michigan’s MBA program. She entered and thrived in a predominately white male business. She was innovative by renting barges to transport her trucks over rivers because all bridges were closed after 9/11. (Hughes, 2012) Interpersonally, Andra used her listening skills and her confidence to take on the challenge of starting a new business. Andra listened when nurses complained about unfair treatment. (Hughes, 2012) She got into trucking by listening to a patient describe his experiences with transportation and used that information to improve on it. (Hughes,…show more content…
That, along with her nursing background also helped when it came to analyzing situations and making tough decisions. Andra had built her trucking company from the ground up by borrowing money from family and using credit cards. While she was a nurse, she took and analyzed what a patient was telling her and used it to her advantage and made the decision to become an owner of a trucking company. She has also become a leader with her people and heritage. Andra the program Rush which involves itself with organizations that work to improve the position of minorities. (Hughes, 2012) The Pipeline applied to Andra because she used her experience as a nurse to remember that time is better spent out with your employees and not in an office. She started the educational program “The Readers Edge” so that her employees could improve their skills. (Hughes, 2012) Andra has become a leader not just to her heritage but to the community by being on the board of directors for the Michigan Minority Business Development Council. (Hughes,

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