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Andrea Alnutt 9/6/11 Advertisement: Phone Case USA Phones have become such an important piece of our everyday life. Shouldn’t we do our best to preserve them and make sure they preform to the best of their ability? It happens to all of us. We spend $300 or more of money that we honestly don’t have in the first place to purchase a phone that we are going to get sick of as soon as the new and better cellular device comes out, which will be about 32 days after the 30 day warrantee and return date; only to walk out the store and accidentally drop it on the pavement and shatter that new, shiny screen. If you are one of the lucky ones that successfully make it out of the store and into your car without dropping it, I’m sure you will forget that you’ve strategically placed your new phone on your lap only to jump out of your car and forget about that same phone, that you were once so adamant about, only to hear it crash on the cement. Or perhaps you’re like me, ladies, and just throw your phone in that black hole known as your purse where we carry anything that will fit, only to retrieve our precious gadget and see scratches all over that pretty little frame. Now, I’m sure your cell phone provider has come up with many ploys to persuade you to buy their phone cases at $39.50 and $49.50 a piece, but those prices are too high if you ask me. Not to mention their selection is pretty much nonexistent. At Phone Case USA, we have a wide variety of protective cellular phone cases for just about any phone there is, even those ancient flip phones for the grandparents! Since we order in bulk we are able to sell them at much lower prices. If you purchase one of our exclusive protective phone cases there is less of a chance that you will shatter the screen when you drop it and your phone won’t get scratched! That means no deductible fee, no waiting for a replacement phone,

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