And Then There Were No Gothic Characteristics

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And Then There Were No Gothic Characteristics Gothic literature is a style of architecture that is characterized by gloom and mystery. Gothic literature can be found in many movies such as The Others and Dracula. And Then There Where None was a novel about 10 people who were sent to an island by a man named Justice Wargrave, also known as U.N. Owen (unknown), because of a murder they have committed but have not been charged for. They got murdered one by one in the same order as serial killers favourite poem growing up, 10 little Indians. The novel And Then There Were None was not gothic because of the non-gothic setting, realistic situation and an explainable villain who was not supernatural. This novel was not gothic because the setting does not contain any of the mandatory characteristics such as old castles, towers, churches or cemeteries, and it did not take place in darkness and uncertainty. An example of why the setting in the novel was not gothic was when it was described by the narrator. “If this had been an old house, with creaking wood & dark eerie feeling. But this house was the essence of modernity. There were no dark corners – no possible sliding panels – it was flooded with electric light – everything was new and bright and shining.”(Christie, 53). This quote proves that the setting was not gothic because the design of the house was the essence of modernity with no dark corners nor possible sliding panels. If the house in And Then There Were None took place an old Victorian design, it would be able to characterise its self in a gothic category, instead, it was the direct opposite. The movie The Others takes place in an old house rather than a modern one because many people are afraid of what they do not know. When a house is old then the residents do not know what has happened in this house before they moved in. This was very effective since
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