And Then I Met My Sister Paper

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Then I met my sister My name is Summer and I am 17 years old. My life is far from what my mom expects, which is perfect. I have an older sister that died before I was born and she was everything to my parents. She was smart, funny, beautiful, and the top student in her class that everyone wants to be with. As for me, well school is not my thing and I have one friend. I just finished my junior year in high school and how do I get to spend the summer? In my aunt Nic’s flower shop working; I love my aunt but working for her is not my cup of tea, especially because my 1st day of work is on my 17th birthday. When I went to work Aunt Nic was waiting for me with a package all wrapped up with ribbon. It was a journal; but not just any journal it was Shannon’s (my older sister). Reading her journal changed my whole perspective of her. It was like the stories that my mom and dad told me were all lies. Or did Shannon just have 2 different sides? This is Gibs, he is by far my best friend and I can’t help but to love him, I mean he is so smart (Strait A student), funny, and always knows what to say when I need advice. He is the one that talked me into reading Shannon’s journal. Midway into the summer he took me to his lake cabin for the week with his parents. It was such a good time! We played scrabble, went boating, took long walks on the beach, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Aunt Nic is my 2nd mom because I can talk to her about anything. She told me about my dad’s affair with the church secretary and how my mom went all ninja on her at the grocery store. She also helped me threw reading the journal by telling me that my mother tried so hard to keep everything perfect for Shannon and all she wanted for the both of us was to be safe and happy and she wouldn’t rest until that happened. This is my mom and dad, they look happy right? Wrong. My mom is a complete

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