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Alicia Nunez Mr. Ferencevych Global History 29 October 2012 Ancient Writing System Four of the most ancient writing systems were developed in distinct regions of the world. The most ancient recorded writing system date back to 3000 B.C. in Ancient Egypt. Their system was called hieroglyphics. Another ancient writing system, Sanskrit, was created during the same time period by the people of the Indus Valley. Nearly 500 years later in 2400 B.C. the Phoenicians developed a written code that utilized symbols that represented syllables not pictures. Finally, in approximately 1500 B.C. the Chinese fashioned their own writing system that used ideograms and symbols. In this essay, I will compare the instrument that each of these civilizations used to record their writing. Then I will examine the purposes each of the civilizations used the written word for. And finally, I will explore the way that these writing has impacted modern writing. Based on their geographic location, each civilization had their own method for recording the written word. Egyptian hieroglyphs were typically written on papyrus because this plant was readily available in Egypt. In certain cases, hieroglyphs were engraved in stone. Sanskrit was commonly written on palm leaves. Palm leaves were ideal for writing because they were easy to write and preserved the writing in good condition. Also the scrolls were easily rolled up for storage and transportation. The Phoenicians usually wrote their alphabet on pyrgri gold tables and stone. Pyrgri gold was much like palm leaves, in the sense that these gold tablets also much easier to write on. Rocks were very durable and easily accessible no matter where they were. At first in 1500 B.C. Chinese was written on turtle shell and animal bones and later on they began to write on bronze vessels and bamboo scrolls. These bones were maintained as historical

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