The Ancient World Essay

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THIS IS NOT COMPLEAT BUT IT IS 17 PAGES Part One Mesopotamia 1 The Secret of the Desert Quick Check 1. How long ago were the cities of Sumer built? What kind of building did they have? More than 5,000 years ago. Brick buildings. 2. List at least three things first invented by the Sumerians. Which was most important? Wagon wheel, the Plow and the sailboat. Writing. 3. When did modern people first learn a bout Sumer? What did Sir Leonard Woolley Discover? 1927. Burial ground of Ur. 4. What do Sumerian tombs tell us about the people’s religious beliefs? About their Skills? About their dealings with other Peoples? They believe there is an after life they thought there kings were gods They were very skilled people Builders, Artisans, Artists, Craftsmen, & Soldiers Their merchants traded with many lands. Sumer had no metals or stones, and very little wood. The metals, stones, & wood found in the tombs must have come from trade. 2 Daily Life in Sumer Quick Check 1. What were some of the ways that Sumerians made a living? Farmers & Merchants 2. Would you describe Sumer as a unified nation? Why, or why not? How did the need for a ruler or king arise? How did these rulers keep their power and pass it on? No. I would not describe Sumer as a unified nation because they were always fighting each other when they divided the land. They were always fighting so they needed someone to lead the war. They did not give the power back to the people when the battles were over they just gave their power to their sons. 3. What kind of religion did Sumer have? What did most of their prayers concern? They had a lot of gods/goddesses (deities) that they prayed to. Farming 4. How many classes were there in Sumerian society? In what class were soldiers? Priests? Farmers? Rich landowners? Kings? 3 classes. Kings, nobles, priests, & rich
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